Workshop On Food Function With Ehime University

On 19 December 2016, Politeknik Negeri Pontianak (Polnep) organized a workshop on food function for its lecturers and students. This workshop was a collaboration between Polnep dan Ehime Universty which was  delivered by Prof. Dr. Takuya Sugahara, a lecturer at Agriculture Faculty of Ehime University and the Special aide to the President of Ehime University. There were two papers presented in the workshop which are related to food function and processing: Immunostimulatory Effect of Jellyfish Collagen and Anti-allergic Function of Microbial-fermented Tea in Ehime, Japan. The participants of the workshop were the lecturers and students from Agricultural Technology and Fisheries & Marin e Science Departments. The workshop is officially open by the the director of Polnep, Ir. Muhammad Toasin Asha, M.Si.(MA)

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