University of Leicester Visited Pontianak State Polytechnic (Polnep)

On 19 Mei 2016, Pro vice Chancellor International of Leicester University (LU), Professor Sarah Dixon, and The Director of Strategic Partnerships, Dr. Michael Green, paid a visit to Polnep. It is the first visit of Leicester University to Polnep after an MoU between the institutions was signed in Leicester in October last year.

The delegation of Leicester university was welcomed by the Deputy Director for Partnership, Utin Nina Hermina, the Heads of the Departments and all Doctors in Polnep. They discussed further possible collaborative activities between the tertiary educational institutions. The meeting highlighted several points:

1. LU and Polnep will try to explore  the possibilities of double degree and credit earning for Polnep’s students.
2. LU and Polnep will see the possibility for joint supervision for Polnep’s students’ final projects.
3. LU and Polnep will try to make a proposal of joint research for Newton Funding.
4. Polnep will try to send more lecturers to pursues their doctoral degree in LU.
5. LU will try to see the possibilities  to send its students to Polnep for internship.
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