Students Exchange Program Between Pontianak State Polytechnic and Politeknik Mukah Sarawak

Pontianak State Polytechnic (Polnep) is strengthening its partnership with Politeknik Mukah Sarawak (PMU) through a student exchange program in 2017. 4 students and 2 lecturers of Polnep have been sent to PMU to joint the program for 2 weeks, from 15 – 28 January 2017. The students (from the departments of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Accounting and Architecture) will sit in the classroom together with PMU students to experience the process of teaching and learning in PMU. Meanwhile the lecturers (from the departments of Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering) will teach in PMU’s classrooms as visiting lecturers.

PMU will send its lecturers and students to Polnep  for the similar program in April 2017. (MA)

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