Polnep Promotes Partnership with French Universities

Pontianak State Polytechnic has increased the number of partnerships with foreign universities in order to strengthen its position in international stage, in this case, partnerships with French universities. Back in April 2017, Director of Polnep, H. Muhammad Toasin Asha, and some officials, including Deputy Director II, Endang Kusmana, Deputy Director IV, Utin Nina Hermina, Head of Cooperation and International Affairs, Achmad Eko Yanuar, and last but not least, International Office Coordinator, Muhammad Ali, paid a visit to some universities in France to sign Memorandum of Understanding and Memorandum of Agreement.

On 24 April, the entourage visited IUT Lille A. They were welcomed by the director himself, François Wauquier, and was accompanied by the head of International Office, Arnaud Callier, along with some staff. A welcome lunch was organized prior to the signing of Students Exchange Agreement. It was agreed that each institution would send 5 students each year. However, for starters, Polnep would only send 3 students for this year to study in IUT Lille for two months, until the end of June 2017. Both parties also agreed to compile joint proposal to get Erasmus + Grant scheme in order to increase the number of participants for exchange program.

The next stop was Universite de Lorraine and Polnep delegates were received by the Director of IUT (French educational institution which is equivalent to Polytechnic in Indonesia) Saint-Die-des-Vosges, Olivier Caspary, and the head of its International Office, Patrick Adelbrecht. A welcome lunch was also organized by the host prior to the main event, profile presentation and MoU and MoA signing. For information, back in early April 2017, IUT Saint-Die-des-Vosges had sent 5 of its students to have internships in Polnep for 9 weeks, until mid-June 2017. On the other hand, Polnep planned to send its student to this university next year.

At the end of the visit, Polnep delegates were taken for a brief tour around the university to witness wide range of facilities owned by IUT Saint-Die-des-Vosges.

For the next activity, Polnep would pay a visit to IUT Cergy-pontoise to conduct MoU and MoA signing. For that visit, Polnep would be represented by Deputy Director II, Endang Kusmana, and the International Office Coordinator, Muhammad Ali. Lastly, Polnep would sign an MoU with University of Artois, which would be conducted in absentia.


(Translated by: Riszqie Naskiah Na’im – Penerjemah Pertama)

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