Polnep – Pmu Host Student and Lecturer Exchange Program

Pontianak State Polytechnic (Polnep) and Politeknik Mukah Mukah Sarawak (PMU) were back to implement one of key points inside their MoU signed back in 2012. The chosen activity was student and lecturer exchange program. Polnep sent two lecturers and four students to spend 2 weeks in PMU.

“It is been a while after we signed MoU with PMU. Previously, we have sent 2 lecturers for the exchange program and now we are able to send two more lecturers along with four students,” said director of Polnep, Ir. H. M. Toasin Asha, M.Si., after he bid farewell to entourage on 12 January 2017. He hoped that through this program could enrich the participants’ experience and improve their skill. “Remember to learn as many things as possible there so that you can implement new things here, never take anything for granted, and stay positive,” he advised the participants.

It is also hoped it can improve either students or lecturers competence in speaking English. In return, PMU will send its students and lecturers to Polnep in April this year. “I highly hope we can maintain this program for many years to come,” said Director Asha firmly.

He also revealed about the possibility of Polnep and PMU to host double degree program. “Therefore, our task now is how to combine and adjust the curriculum of Polnep and PMU,” he said. Double degree program enables students from both institutions to finish their study either in Polnep or PMU. “This kind of collaboration is expected to strengthen Polnep’s international reputation,” he added.

Later on, he mentioned about several Polnep’s successful graduates who held key position such as a regent in one of regencies in West Kalimantan and CEO of Regional Drinking Water Company of Pontianak. “Alhamdulillah (Thanks God), Polnep’s graduates are recognized to have better competence, discipline, and trustworthy. We are already on the right track, so let’s keep moving forward,” he encouraged the audience.

Meanwhile, Deputy Director IV, Hj. Utin Nina Hermina, SE., M.Si., confirmed that participants for the lecturer’s program were from Mechanical and Civil Engineering Department and for the students were from departments of mechanical engineering, civil engineering, accounting, and architecture. There, Polnep’s lecturers would give lectures to PMU’s students and also attending their production test while the students would attend regular course. “We are already in the final year of our MoU with Politeknik Mukah Sarawah since it was started back in 2012,” she added.

Polnep and PMU have done much so far such as organizing joint-event like seminar on research findings, PMU students’ visit to Polnep. “Inshaa Allah (God willing), we will continue the MoU next year,” Mrs. Hermina concluded.

Still on the same occasion, Polnep’s International Office Coordinator, M. Ali, M.EIL., explained that the exchange program’s participants would be in PMU starting from 15 up to 29 January 2017.

(Translated by: Riszqie Naskiah Na’im – Penerjemah Pertama)

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