Polnep Collaborates with 5 French Universities

Pontianak State Polytechnic is being recognized more in international stage of education, particularly in France. Following its 3 year collaboration with Universite de Valenciennes, this current year Polnep initiated new collaboration with 5 French universities, namely:  Universite de Lorraine, Universite de Cergy-Pontoise, Universite Lille Science et Technologies, Universite of Artois, dan Universite du Littoral Cote d’Opale. Director of Polnep, H. Muhammad Toasin Asha, hosted a ceremony to welcome French students’ entourage which was held on 10 April 2017 at the directorate’s meeting room and was attended by Polnep officials. “We are already in the 3rd year of internship and the number of French participants is increasing each year,” said Mr. Asha in the beginning of his welcoming remarks. He revealed that Polnep received positive comment from French counterparts. “ Previously, internship students came only from 1 university but now they are from several institutions in France,” he added.

It was planned that on 22 April 2017, Director Asha and his delegates would visit France to sign Mou with those 5 French universities. “Our collaboration with Universite de Valenciennes is quite a success and motivate others to do the same,” he said.

The collaboration includes students exchange and internship programs. Universite de Lorraine has sent 5 students (major in multimedia and internet) to Polnep who arrived on 4 April 2017 and would spent 9 weeks here. Meanwhile,  Universite de Cergy-Pontoise has sent 2 students on 21 April. They major in technical sales and would be in Indonesia for 13 weeks.

“Students from previous batch of intership had a good impression of being here and they helped promote Polnep to other universities in France. Hence, we have other opportunities right now,” he said. On the other hand, Polnep also managed to improve quality and the number of students to be sent for the program. “This year we will send 3 students to France,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Deputy Director IV, Hj. Utin Nina Hermina, stated that she and her team only run and support current director’s program, on of them was to support International vision through collaboration with foreign university. “Polnep has been recognized now. It is not an easy task but we are confident to achieve that,” she said.

“We also seek opportunity with Japanese university as not all departments in Polnep can be covered in French collaboration, such as for fisheries and agricultural technology. We hope our students are motivated by this program,” she added.

The International Office Coordinator, Muhammad Ali, also commented that Universite Lille Science et Technologies had started negotiation with Polnep since last year. “This year, we will send 3 students there, 2 will depart on 24 April, and one more on 21 June 2017. They are from departments of Business Administration, Electrical Engineering, and Civil Engineering, respectively,” he concluded.

In addition to doing internship, those French students would receive two week short course on Indonesian language for free. They would also be introduced to local culture. At the end of the session, the French students made some presentation regarding their home university and followed by question and answer session.

(Translated by: Riszqie Naskiah Na’im Penerjemah Pertama)

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