Polnep At Glance

Pontianak State Politeknik (Polnep) is conveniently located at the heart of Pontianak city, the capital of West Kalimantan Province. It can be easily reached as it takes only 20 minutes from Supadio International Airport and 25 minutes from Ambawang International Bus Station.

Standing on an area of 6,3 hectares, Pontianak State Polytechnic was formerly known as Polytechnic of Tanjung Pura Univeristy which had only 3 departments: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Engineering. Nowadays, it has significantly grown as a leading tertiary institution in vocational education in West Kalimantan. It currently has 8 departments offering 19 courses of various programs in Diploma III and undergraduate levels.

Why Study at Polnep ?

Polnep has inspired thousands of its graduates to take an active part in solving societal problems.

As a higher educational institution, Polnep aims to conduct applied research, promote the teaching of vocational education as well as actively engage in public services.

As an academic institution, Polnep constantly manages to retain the scholarly values and honesty in any academic works produced by both the students and the lecturers.

As a teaching institution, Polnep offers an outstanding educational experience with its qualified lecturers who are always ready to lead the students to open their minds and develop the students’ intelligence and skills.

As a research institution, Polnep strives to utilize its applied research to improve public welfare in facing global challenges.
As an internationally engaged higher institution, Polnep seeks to collaborate and build mutually beneficial partnership with overseas universities to contribute to the global educational development.