Moa Signing With Universite De Valenciennes, France

As one of emerging universities, Pontianak State Polytechnic continuously conducts various improvements in various fields, including increases collaboration both in national and international level. The efforts are taken to improve Polnep qualities, including its graduates. Moreover, those collaborations are set…

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Polnep Signed Mou With University College Of Technology Sarawak

On 23 June 2015, Pontianak State Polytechnic and University College of Technology Sarawak (UCTS) agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). As we know that mutual cooperation made by universities has become something incorporated in their daily academic activities.…

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MoU Signing with Universite de Valenciennes, France

On 11 june 2014, Pontianak State Polytechnic and University de Valenciennnes agreed to sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The signing ceremony which was held in University de Valenciennes campus in Lille, France represented by the head of both universities Director…

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Polnep signed MoU with Politeknik Mukah Sarawak

As its attempt to gain its vision and to internationally allow massive knowledge transfer, Politeknik Negeri Pontianak (polnep) seeks to have mutual cooperation with overseas universities and colleges. For that purpose, on 29 May 2012, Polnep and Politeknik Mukah Sarawak…

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