From Director

As an institution of vocational higher education, Pontianak State Polytechnic provides services from trained, skilled, and experienced staff to help producing qualified graduates as well as practitioners so that they are able to compete in job market which is relevant to their expertise, the expertise which is able to utilize science and technology in finding and creating something good and useful for mankind. Currently, resources in the form of talent, creativity, and skill have become people’s power in developing a country.

In order to achieve its vision, by 2020 Pontianak State Polytechnics becomes the best and the most reliable vocational educational institution in both national and international level, we always put our best effort to apply skill competence in our curriculum in order to meet the needs of job market and periodically conduct a rigorous evaluation on the process. Furthermore, we develop a teaching and learning method which is able to provide opportunities for the students to enhance their confidence. We also perform strong commitment to the development of KKNI (National Qualifications Framework)-based curriculum, and fully supervised by reliable technical assistants, as well as getting feedback from stakeholders (government, corporations, practitioners in the field of education, users, alumni, and so on).

We have made several MOUs with parties such as local governments, companies, and both national and international universities. For example, MOUs made between Pontianak State Polytechnic with its counterparts from Universite de Valenciennes, France; Politeknik Mukah Sarawak; University College of Technology Sarawak, Malaysia and The University of Leicester. Various efforts have been done and one of them is rewarded with an outstanding international recognition. The students of Pontianak State Polytechnic won the first place in Shell Eco-Marathon 2014, held in Manila, Philippines. It is a competition of making energy-efficient cars and we have defeated other contestants from developed countries such as Japan, China, South Korea, India, Malaysia, and many others. Henceforward, Pontianak State Polytechnic will become the center of excellence, standard, innovation, and creativity.

It is my hope that in with this profile book, Pontianak State Polytechnic will be more renowned in both national and international level. Furthermore, it is also able to give a general perspective about Pontianak State Polytechnic to a wider range of audience so that it will be easier for the public to give input and feedback for future development of our institution.


Ir. H. M. Toasin Asha, M.Si

Pontianak State Polytechnic Vision …

Polnep is committed to being one of the brightest vocational educational institutions in the world.

Since its establishment in 1985, Polnep has envisioned itself to be one of the best and the most reliable vocational educational institution in both national and international level by 2020. The continuing efforts have been made to reach that vision including modifying the curriculum to meet the global challenges and conducting internationalization to promote Polnep’s excellence to the world.

The student learning process and applied research are aimed at encouraging continual improvement of public welfare by providing skillful and talented graduates and ready-to-use research results to help the society respond to the global challenges.

The teaching and learning process is conducted by developing and maintaining healthy and dynamic professionalism.

Polnep continues to cherish the development of science and technology to improve society’s welfare through an extensive utilization of its resources.