Brief History

Pontianak State Politeknik (Polnep) which is standing on area of 6.3 hectares was established based on the decree of Director General of Higher Education number 80/DIKTI/KEP/1985. Initially, it was named as ‘Polytechnic of Tanjung Pura Univeristy’ which has 3 departments of:

  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Mechanical Engineering, and
  3. Electronic Engineering

In 1994, Department of Commerce (Tata Niaga) which consisted of two study programs of Accounting and Trade Administration was opened. In its further development in 1997, the department became Accounting and Business Administration Departments. In 1988, Polnep obtained its full autonomy and changed its name into ‘Pontianak State Polytechnic’ based on ministerial decision of National Education Minister Number 079/0/1997 dated on 27 April 1997, a date which is subsequently determined as the anniversary of Polnep. In 1999, The Department of Agricultural Technology with its study program of Technology of Plantation Product Processing was opened. Then, in 2002, The Department of Marine and Fisheries Science with study program of Fisheries Conservation was introduced and a year later, in 2003, two additional study programs of Fishing Technology and Technology of Fishing Product Processing were publicly opened. Polnep had another study program of Electronic Engineering in 2007 and in 2008, three Diploma IV programs of Housing and Settlement Engineering, Administration of Governmental Agencies and Public Sector Accounting were launched. Two more Study Programs of Informatics Engineering and Diploma I program of Heavy Equipment Operator were respectively opened in 2009 and 2010.

Recently, Polnep has 7 departments covering 12 Diploma III study programs, 3 Diploma IV study program, 1 Diploma I study program and a joint program with Department of Public Works (PU) which consists of Diploma III and IV of PUSBITEK. The highest accreditation grade obtained by the study programs is B.

Each study program together with the whole community of Polnep continuously makes concerted attempts to offer the students professional and quality service which, in turn, may creates high quality and responsible graduates in order to make a substantial contribution on the increase of nation’s competitiveness.

Polnep constitutes a professional higher education which emphasizes the mastery of and the development of science and technology to promote industrialization era.