Pierre Schulz ,Universite de Valenciennes, France (2015)
The experience I went through with Politeknik Negeri Pontianak has been one of the best in my life. When my university offered me to go to Indonesia for an internship, I directly applied as it seems to be the untypical experience I needed. I had no idea how much it would change my life and open my mind. The Indonesian university did its best to welcome us at arrival, and this kindness continued as long as our internship was. As an intern at Ayani Megamall, I learnt a lot about cultural differences in the workplace.Indonesian people are the kindest I ever met. They always try to make you feel at home and are eager to exchange on cultural differences. They will also give their help without thinking twice, and I am really grateful for that, as it eased our difficulties there. To sum it up, I am really glad I took this decision by the past, as it brought me an awesome experience, both personally and professionally.

(Summer 2015)


Thibaut GRZELAK, IUT de Valenciennes, France (2016)

After a long journey from France, we finally arrived in Politeknik Negeri Pontianak, West Kalimantan [sic]. Ali was waiting for us at the airport and it was the begin of our internship. The first night, we have been welcomed by some students of the university, and they became our guides. It was really great to have students as guide because we was lost in this foreign country. Some tutors gave us courses to learn bahasa indonesia, it was really usefull to talk with people and to understant the country. The university was a great a place, all the students are really welcoming and ready to help if you are in need. Even if the internship is important, discover the coutry an his culture is important too ! The Politeknik Negeri Pontianak allows it. In deed, we learnt some typical dances, I went to a Dayak village for a week and more. If you want to travel and discover a new culture, I advice you to choose  Poliktenik Negeri Potianak. If you have questions, you can contact me at thibautgrzelak@hotmail.fr


Fatima KACIMI, IUT de Valenciennes (2016)

I am pleased to recommend Pontianak Negeri Polytechnic University as an exchange program host.

I did [sic] my three-month internship within this University last year. I’ve totally learned how to think about an issue to solve it. I’ve discovered a new way of thinking, of working and of sharing thanks to their friendly mind. The University has a plenty of qualities such as its excellent lecturers. My tutors were very tuned to my needs, tuned to my remarks concerning the missions which suited the best for my internship. They knew exactly what was better for me: their wise advice allowed me to produce an interesting project about materials.

They also helped me in my everyday life: they paid a very close attention to my health, my needs which proves that they are helpful and very kind persons.

I also highly appreciate their positive mind, their sociability and pleasant personality.

They are very involved in their students’ success that’s why I am confident that your interest in this University will be of mutual benefit to yourself and to the University.



Edouard KELLER, IUT Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, Univeristy of Lorraine (2017)

Hello, my name is Edouard and I come from Strasbourg in France. I’m currently in the University of Saint-Dié-des-Vosges in the second year of the MMI formation (Jobs of Multimedia and Internet).

I’m so glad to be part of this exchange / internship in Pontianak, Indonesia. I have already met so much kind and welcoming people that help me to discover their cultures and also the city. At first, the weather was very hot but now I deal with it, it’s just a matter of time to adapt yourself especially when you’re working.

The “tour guides” help us to make the most of our activities. (Canoeing, monument, sports activities …). These people are the key for students coming into Politeknik Negeri Pontianak.

Our internship and our mission is well adapted for practicing the skills we learned in our university in France even if the internet is sometimes difficult to access.

We are in the middle of our trip and already have a lot of good memories, experiences and relationship with Indonesian people .. It’s gonna be difficult to go back to France the next month



Anthony Eddahbi, , IUT Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, Univeristy of Lorraine (2017)

My name is Anthony and I’m a French student in second year of DUT Métiers du Multimédias and Internet.

Meet a new culture, new people is always exciting and the Indonesians welcoming has been exemplary. Moreover, our mission of the internship corresponds exactly to what we learned in MMI, our school formation. For my part I make the design of the website of the event.

Besides that, a whole range of activities is proposed to us, like sports activities, or cultural visits. The city is rather big and there are a lot of things to discover! There are also many smiles and curiosity about us, which facilitates the meetings.

Thank you everyone. Our tutor said to us thank you for our works but we say thank you to you for given us the possibility to to do this. We worked in this internship for, and we really wanted to give all the best, but I think, this is not what we will keep in memory when we will comeback to France. We will keep all the smile of the people, the curiosity they have about us, their kindness… it’s something touch us really deeply. We want to say thank you to all the people we met, the students or totally unknown who just say hello. Thank you to our Bahasa teachers for their useful lesson, and their engagement. Thank you to M. Ali who made a really nice schedule for us, we discover a lot of things around Pontianak, and it give us the curiosity to discover more in Indonesia. And of course, We are very grateful to the tour guide who really wanted to show us the nicest place in the city, we feel that and we are really happy for that. We know learn a lot from you and thank you to
help us like you do. Finaly, thank you for every person who make the exchange possible, it’s something we will never forget.

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